Smoothie Prep and Nice Cream With The Cost Breakdown

Hi Everyone its Dallas and I thought it would be fun to share a post with you today. 
I love smoothies with fresh ingredients. If I go to a place here to get a smoothie, an actually healthy one, it runs me about $7-$9 a smoothie.

Now, think of ice cream as well. Ice cream can go from $2.50 to $10 for a serving depending where you are and the size of it.

Here are all the ingredients I will be using in the smoothies and Nice cream (a healthy version of ice cream made with frozen bananas). 

I bought these 15 bananas for $3.15. That's just $0.21 a banana!

Here are all the delicious bananas about to get cut up for smoothies and nice cream!

The first thing you do is get parchment paper to lay the bananas on. Cut your bananas into thirds or fourths. 

Once I lay my bananas into parchment paper, I make sure that the bananas aren't mushed together or where they will freeze together.

 I place my cookie sheet with all the bananas in the freezer for two hours.

First, I make my smoothies. I place my bananas in first then any other fruit combination along with my spinach. 

Here are some of the smoothie combinations from my smoothie prep.

This combination for the smoothie includes banana, spinach, and blueberries.

This combination for the smoothie includes banana, spinach, raspberries, and blackberries.

Now, nice cream! 
This is a very simple {vegan} dessert. All you do is add the content in the baggie to a food processor or blender. I like to add a little almond milk as well. 

This is just delicious! Here are some of the combinations that I made! 

Banana and raspberries prepped for nice cream.

Banana and blackberries prepped for nice cream.


Banana and blueberries prepped for nice cream.

You are probably wondering, "How many did she make?" 
I ended up making 6 versions of nice cream and 7 green smoothie mixes.

Cost Breakdown for smoothies prep
Spinach $2.79/7 smoothies                                                      $0.40
8 Bananas for $1.68/7 smoothies                                            $0.24
Blackberries for $4.99/ (2/3 container used)/ 7 smoothies     $0.47
Raspberries for $2.50/ (2/3 container used)/ 7 smoothies      $0.24
Blueberries for $2.50/(2/3 container used)/ 7 smoothies       $0.24 
Strawberries for $1.99/7 smoothies                                        $0.28
Total for smoothie prep

Cost Breakdown for nice cream prep
7 Bananas for $1.47/6 nice creams                                   $0.25
Blackberries for $4.99/ (1/3 container used)/ 6 nice creams     $0.27
Raspberries for $2.50/ (1/3 container used)/ 6 nice creams      $0.14
Blueberries for $2.50/(1/3 container used)/6 nice creams      $0.14
Total for nice cream prep

Hope this helps you with your smoothie and nice cream prep! 

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