Beef Taco Soup Recipe

Hello Friends.....................

I know you will love this recipe and I can not wait for you to try it! Its my Taco Soup and its perfect for any time of the year! 


1 can black beans drained

1 can pinto beans drained 

1 can corn drained

1 can rotel

1 32-64 oz chicken stock You need at least 32 oz but add as 

much liquid as you would like 

2 pounds ground beef or ground turkey

1 pack taco seasoning or 1/4 cup

1 pack ranch seasoning or 1/4 cup 

Brown your ground beef and then drain. At this point pour 

everything together in the main pot and let simmer. It really is 

that easy and that yummy!

 Hope you enjoy. 

Here is the video with step by step instructions as I walk you 

through making this yummy dish. 

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Dining Room and Kitchen Buffet Clean Out

Hello Friends and welcome to the Blog today! 

I am working on so many different projects around my home that all involve organization. I can't wait to share all of them with you and today we are working on my dining room hutch. 

The dining room buffet can very quickly turn into a catch all if you are not careful. I wanted mine to be very organized and set up in a way that I could enjoy it each time I opened it. I also never wanted to worry if my guest opened the drawers. 

So let's get started! 

First step is to protect your table, so it is not scratched by any sharp pieces. Then lay everything in groups that match. This will help you when you are loading everything back in the drawer. 

It's also critical that you measure your drawer before you go out to purchase the items. This will help save time and money, so you know you buy the right piece the first time. 

Have a plan and know what is going to be grouped together and what size unit you will need. I love how everything came together for me. Now I can open my drawers and know exactly what I have when it comes time to entertain. 

 Above you can see a look at all three drawers I worked on with this project. I am so excited for the next time I have an event at my home. I know right where everything is and its ready to be used and enjoyed! 

Here is a video link to how I put all of this together that I know you will enjoy! 

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Target Spring and Summer Dollar Spot Finds

Hello Friends...............

I love when a new holiday comes around because not only does that mean it's a special time to spend with your family but it also means Target is going to bring out new fun items with their Dollar Section.  

I knew that I did not need a lot of Easter items because my collection is complete but I am very pleased with what I did pick up. Let me share those items with you now. 

I was excited to pick this tray up because I knew it would work great for my coffee station but also during those nights when we want to go outside and sit around the campfire and have smores. 

You can see above how I used my silver tray that I picked up for $3.00. They had multiple colors that fit the Spring Season but I wanted the silver so I could use it all year and for any holiday. 

I think my Easter coffee mugs are adorable sitting in the tray on my coffee station. 

These were the one item that was on my must have list. The minute I saw people start posting these on their Instagram account I knew I had to have one. Finding these turned into a family event as Eddie helped me by stopping by Target multiple times during the week and I was so excited when he said he found these two and they were on their way to our home! 

I have an upcoming video and post where I will be sharing with you how I put these to use as my cleaning caddy for a few rooms. I love everything about them! 

These carrots were such a fun find and these are what started the idea I had for my Kitchen Easter Table which I named, "A Bunny's Garden." 

As you can see I made each place setting have a different carrot in the center but with the same theme. I loved how this turned out and it's the perfect idea for an Easter Table on a budget or a kid friendly Easter table. 

I love how everything came together and almost everything is from Target so it's very budget friendly. 

The little rabbits are from the Target Dollar Spot last year during this time and I was excited to use them with my theme for this year. Remember to pick up items and build around them each year. 

The stationary is always so much fun to pick up and use at home or in the office. I picked up the set above for my daughter to use with her planner. The colors are a great match and I know she will love using them. 

I love this set of pink stationary that I picked up for writing thank you notes that I send out and use for my Etsy shop business. They are very pretty in person. They would also be great for wedding shower announcements. 

Can we talk about how cute these straws are with the little bunny tails on them? They went great with my Kitchen Table theme. 

I went with a set of the blue and a set of the gold because I just felt like it was too hard to pick just one. 

The last item I picked up where these little chalkboard Easels that I think will work perfect to list what each food item is during dinner. They were only $1.00 each and very cute. 

Come along now and see a closer look at all the fun items I found as I share a better look. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel so you never miss out! 



Our Final Day on the Carnival Dream Cruise

Hello Friends.........It's time for a recap on our last day on the cruise. We had such an amazing time and I am already planning our next cruise. 

On of my favorite memories will be the view from our balcony that Eddie and I enjoyed every day. I loved sitting out and listening to the water while sharing special times with Eddie. 

I love how the cruise lines make sure the bring each holiday to you while you are on the water. We have been on a cruise during Easter multiple times and this time we were on during St Patricks Day and they went all out. 

Each night it was so much fun to see what new character we would have in our room. We went from monkeys to crabs. It's funny that I thought this was a frog at first but everyone quickly agreed with Eddie that it is a crab and I can see that now. 

Eddie and I enjoyed the shows each night, and that is also one of my favorite features about a cruise. We go to the early dinner at 6:00 and then go to the show right after dinner. I love this because I don't have to stay up too late. 

We also enjoyed the comedy shows two nights during our trip. They were very funny and I love that one show is for the family and the later show is for the adults. This way the kids can be part of the fun. 

They also had the Pig and Anchor spot which featured BBQ and it was good. Eddie picked up a plate for me on the last day and the chicken was very tender. I also liked that it didn't have that deep smoked flavor and you could pick which style of sauce you like. I like a sweet sauce and not a vinegar base but you could pick either one which was a great feature. 

Since I reached the gold level with Carnival, I had a coupon for a free drink. I picked a chocolate martini and oh my goodness it was the yummiest treat! Would you look at how pretty it is!

You can tell I had a lot of fun practicing my photography skills and I can only imagine what people were thinking as I sat there for 10 minutes taking pictures of every angle of the glass. All in the day of a blogger. 

He paid attention to every detail all the way to the chocolate swirls inside the glass even before putting the drink inside. 

Dinner was great and I had the prime rib. I must say 6 our of 7 nights we were very happy with our meals. They really did a great job! 

Our water so much fun and we really enjoyed him! I know that Eddie loves connecting with the staff every night and every detail they put into making you feel so special. 

We really had such a great time. I love every trip I can plan with Eddie and I take in every minute. He really is my best friend and I feel so blessed! 

Here is a look at our final towel which was a heart with a little note from Carnival telling us how much they enjoyed having us. 

Come along and watch the awesome video I put together and you can see how much fun we had on our journey. I can not wait to book our next cruise! 

See you in the next post! 


A Bunny Garden Easter Kitchen Table Tour

Hello Friends........

I am excited to share my Kitchen Table Easter Tour with you this year. One of my favorite parts of this year's table is the theme which is, "A Bunny Garden." I also love that so many of the pieces came from The Target Dollar Spot and the clearance section. 

Even though the Target Dollar Spot really is the Bullseye Section now since the prices range from $1 to $5 I am still amazed at the wonderful items I find. It seems like each year I have the chance to add something new and fun. 

The next three photos are an example of the three different plate settings I have. The carrots are from the Target Dollar Spot and each one is different. There are stripes, plaid, and polka dots and I love how they look on each spot. 

I was so excited to find the flower petal chargers at Hobby Lobby and they are only $1.99 a piece. They come in so many different colors but the green worked perfect for my theme. 

The bunnies are from the Target Dollar Spot and were purchased last year and I am so happy to have two for each side of the table. I kept mine simple but you could tie ribbon around their neck and really have a lot of fun with them. 

The carrot sacks are also from Target and would be such a fun gift to give the kids and have them filled with candy! 

The white table runner is from Target and was only $3.00. I took ribbon that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and ran down the center for an extra touch of Spring. Remember to use your 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby when picking up your extra pieces to add to your collection. 

I smile every time I see my little bunny straws because of that little cotton tail. It is just so cute! I can only imagine how much the kids will love seeing the straw in their cups!

I hope you enjoyed a look at this years kitchen Easter table and that you were able to take away ideas to put in place at your home. I have put together an awesome video to let you have more of a walk thru of how everything is placed. Enjoy and Subscribe! 

See you in the next post and have a very Happy Easter! 

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