A Look Into This Past Week During June

I have hit a phase in life that I can honestly say that I make sure I enjoy the little things every single day. I also think that one of the best things about having a Blog and Youtube channel is it almost forces me to notice the little things and for that I am very grateful! 

We have not been out to dinner in weeks so just before we started our new eating lifestyle change we went to our favorite restaurant which is Half Shell. Eddie and I still stuck to a pretty good meal choice. I had the grilled Mahi Mahi with a pineapple slaw. We both only ate half and we took the rest home for dinner. 

Trey loves the Seafood Pasta and can eat the entire bowl which is awesome. Believe me that as a growing boy he should be doing that. 

After lunch we took time to smell the flowers. If you have followed me then you know Hydrangeas are my favorite flower. 

We have a local furniture store in my city that is also their home and in the front they have this little sitting area. It has to be one of my favorite places ever. I just love how it looks like a secret garden.

Also part of enjoying the little things is taking time to enjoy your morning coffee in a pretty cup and this is another one of my cups that I love. Dallas purchased this for me this year and I love the look. I do have one questions, why did Starbucks make a like of cups with the plain circle in the center? Does anyone know the circle mystery? 

I am also loving my dining room table right now with the black and white stripes and the spots! Perfection, Perfection, Perfection is all I can say!!! 

You can pick up these awesome glasses from Walmart because they are part of the Pioneer Woman's collection. I love them and they go with so many different sets of dishes I have. 

This was my last meal before I started my clean eating and fitness plan. It had to be one of the most amazing nachos I have ever had and were from Moe's. Worth every calorie!!!

After eating our yummy nachos Eddie and I went to a wedding and made a fun date night out of it! I wore my favorite dress with my favorite guy!!! 

I am loving the new little bowl sets I picked up from Target which were on clearance for just over a $1.00! You will see them in many videos and blog post! 

Have fun coming along with us on this journey! 

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