Kitchen Sink Organization

There is nothing I love more than an organized kitchen! I want to share how I have my sink area organized and what has always worked for me. When I find a system that works I stick with it. 

When you have a clean workspace you will find that you are more inspired. The kitchen is the perfect place for extra inspiration and will help you stay on track with meal planning. I also find it keeps me on track with keeping other parts of my home organized. 

Step One- 
Start by taking everything out from under your kitchen sink. Wipe down the space and check floor for any water marks. This is a good idea to do every couple of months just to make sure the sink or bottles are not leaking. The last thing you want to have is a wet mess under your sink. 

Step Two- 
Look at all of your products to make sure nothing has expired. Cleaning products can expire. Also look to see what you use for the purpose of cleaning your kitchen. Under your sink should not be a storage unit for every product in your home. Bathroom cleaning supplies should be kept in the bathroom and I will share that soon in an upcoming post and video. If you have a small space in your bathroom you then use a space in your laundry room. Try to make under the kitchen sink the last place you use for the extra items so it does not turn into a catch all. 

I would recommend this door caddy to hold sponges and scrub brushes. You can purchase these at HomeGoods and Walmart. I paid $4.99 for this one and its worth every penny. I do not like to keep a lot of extra things on my counter and this keeps them out of site. 

I also keep my paper towels below on this rod. It keeps them off the counter and clean. 

Check out my video for more tips on how to keep your sink area clean and organized. 

See you next time!

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