Kayaking Trip With Beautiful Views

This week we went on a Kayaking Trip and had such a great time. The tip here is go on a day when no one else will be there. We picked a Monday morning and had the lake just for us! Here is a look at some of our photos.

This is a photo of us when we found the sandbar and pulled up to take a break. Starting off we had to go against the water so by this time I was pretty tired and ready for a break. I recommend bringing lots of water and a snack that you can eat without touching since your hands are dirty. We brought the breakfast on the go packets that you could pour in your mouth.

I loved this the look of this tree in the water just as we were taking off. The way the limbs dripped down. It was the perfect tree to see on a kayaking trip.

Now that would make for a fun Sunday afternoon napping spot!

The clamp that I picked up for my GoPro worked out great. I was very pleased!

To see live video from our trip click below and be sure to subscribe so you never miss anything! Hope you enjoy!


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