Custom DIY Chic Remote Tray

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect chic remote control holder to put on my ottoman in my family room makeover. I found to get what I wanted I needed to make it.

This is a look at the ottoman in my family room that I needed the new remote holder for. I currently have a gold vase I made with fresh flowers which sets in the center. I wanted my new holder to be black with a gold stripe.

I was very excited to find a picture in the clearance section of Marshall's and I only paid $4.00 for this. I knew I needed and wanted a special size so I was on the hunt. When I found this picture in the clearance section I was very excited. Thats where the process started so let me share.

As you can see this was a very cute wall picture but the best part was the size. It was the perfect size for my project.  

All the you will need for this project will be:
The tray
black paint
sponge paint brush
gold paint
painters tape

Have a clean workspace and enough area to lay out the materials you will need. 

I love the way this turned out. It has the chic custom look I wanted and I am so happy for it. 

The gold is really going to pop when the new area rug comes in. 

Take a look at this video below to the see step by step tutorial on how to put this together. 

Hope you enjoyed todays post! 


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