Taking Part in the 31 Days of Fashion Mix

I was encouraged by a friends blog where she is posting 31days of Fall Fashion to help inspire others as we enter a new season. I also love sharing when I find a great deal and can help save someone money. Its also fun to look for inspiration with mixing what's in your closet now and making it feel new.

This black dress was a special find from Belks but was a much smaller size then what I was wearing at that time a few weeks ago. I started working with a nutritionist and a personal trainer about 3 weeks ago and I am so happy to report that I am down 12 pounds!!! I was very nervous when I purchased this dress because it did not fit but I was determined!

This is an new outfit I just picked up yesterday and you will want to look for it fast. I found this at Ann Taylor Loft on the clearance rack. The pants are white ankle pants and I throw the idea of not wearing white right out the window....I do not follow that silly rule! I love the top because its almost like a mans tux top. I paired it with Tory Burch flats and it was perfect while Eddie and I had a date day!

Now here is a fun idea. I love how wearing a scarf in so many different ways to give your outfit a different look. This was just a simple Saturday outfit to run a round town.

I love the long scarf look and its so easy.

For the chilly days you can loop it around and pair with a sweater for a completely different look.

This one is just wearing it long with a cardigan and statement necklace. Very easy!

I can not wait to share a shopping haul on some amazing goodies I picked up today. Wait until you see the really great items Ann Taylor has put together for this Fall.

I had to share this last photo with you and leave you with this thought. Have you ever had such a busy week between work, kids, home, and everything else that you just need 20 minutes to catch your breath? Well I hate to eat alone in a restaurant but this week I took my lunch break at Panera, found a corner table, connected to the WIFI, put my headphones on,  and watched a bible study series during my lunch break. Amazing quiet time!!!! Find 20 minutes in your day to catch your breath!.....Ps....I didn't eat the roll!!!


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