Fall Leather Trim Outfit of the Day

I love the leather trim that's on shirts, skirts, and pants for the fall season. This outfit is baby steps towards that style that anyone could wear. I absolutely love it.

I paired mine with my Tory Burch black flats because I knew we would be doing a lot of walking.

The leather on this top is so subtle, that its just there.  But up close, it gives the outfit an added zing that a solid-colored shirt wouldn't. Another baby step is to keep your outfit to a single bold piece, in this case I chose the pants with the leather strip down the side.

You can see the leather that runs along the top of the shirt. Its not to harsh and still very lady like.

The perfect way to keep it soft is to layer your jewelry. I also picked up both of these pieces from Ann Taylor.

Isn't my son becoming quite the photographer?! After four years of outfit posts, he is finally getting in to it! Granted I still only get about 3 minutes and 12 shots...but I'll take it! What is your comfort zone when it comes to the leather style? I encourage you to take some baby steps in a bolder direction...you'd be surprised at all the new outfit options that your closet holds!

A very easy way to change up your outfit is to pair it with boots. Also pull your hair back if possible and you have a completely different look.

I love the leather quilted stripe down the side.  I was very excited to find these at Target for $19.99 because everyone else had them for 59.00 and up. They are so comfy!

We had a packed day on Saturday and we went for a great dinner at the Casino in Mississippi. We leave in the best city because we easily go in any direction and having something wonderful to do.

I love this fall picture of the two of us. The pumpkins are just so festive.

Whenever we visit here we always take a picture in front of the flower arrangement at this spot. Its our special tradition. We usually only make it over here once a year so its fun to follow the pictures.

One of the best things about the Casino is they have the $10 Store. I picked up this really cute hat to take on our upcoming cruises. We have one coming up in the next few months where we will be making a stop in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

Then next year my hope is to plan something to Europe. This would be the cutest hat to take on that cruise.

By the way I also picked up the tan one which Trey is modeling for you!

All is back to normal! We just have so much fun.

The shopping was so much fun and here are a couple of special finds.

They have the best Christmas store that stays up all year round. Each year I add two nutcrackers to my collection which you will see when I put my Christmas post up. These two were so cute!

I love love love makeup travel bags and this one was so pretty. I love the stripe of green down the front with the gold accent.

This Santa was just stunning.

Hello Gorgeous is all I can say!

I hope you find a couple of leather accented pieces that you can add to your fall wardrobe.
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