William Sonoma White Bean Chili Starter Review

I purchased a bottle of William Sonoma White Bean Chili Starter and my husband really enjoyed it.
It was very easy to make because everything is ready. If you are like me and have a very busy schedule with work, family, church, kids, activities, workouts, running, resting somewhere in there, laundry, on and on.......then you are looking for easy ways to put dinner on the table!

The best way to describe it is from their website,
A savory spin on a southwestern classic, white chili is a family-friendly dish made with hearty white beans and tender chicken or turkey. Our handcrafted starter makes it simple to prepare a satisfying pot of white chili with a gently spicy flavor.

  • Combines sautéed onions and garlic with vine-ripened tomatoes and Anaheim, poblano and jalapeño peppers; Great Northern beans and chicken stock deepen and mellow the flavors.
  • Easy to use: simply combine the sauce with browned chicken or turkey, then simmer.
  • 2 lb. (makes 6 servings).

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