IT Cosmetics Anti-Aging Celebration Foundation

I recently purchased this from QVC this past week and I want to share my thoughts. The product with the brush was priced at $43.50 and claims to be a powder full coverage foundation. Lets start with my review of the brush.

The brush was great and I would give it 5 stars! It was so soft and well made. I am really looking forward to seeing what other brushes the product line carries.

As for my review of the product I plan to keep this as a winter foundation. I found that it really does apply like a powder and to get the full coverage look I had to apply with a heavy hand and it left me feeling like I had makeup on. I cant blame the product for that because I have never really needed a full coverage makeup, I like a light foundation just to create a natural look. I also do not think this would be a good product for the summer months because it gets very hot where I live. I just don't want to feel my makeup on my face and I am sure that will not happen in cooler months.

I am looking forward to trying more products in the future. If powder foundation is something you think you would like to try then I would go with this one.

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