Operation Get Fit

 I have started my personal mission of Operation Get Fit. I signed up for the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon which is November 8-9th. I am so excited to get healthy!

I'm not sure if I just burned myself out as a new runnier but in 2012 I ran 3 half marathons, six 5k races, trained all year, and 1 relay team marathon run. By the start of 2013 I didn't even want to think about running and then slowly started to stop working out all together. I can remember the excuses I came up with to stop running like the fact I put on a few pounds and said I wasn't going to run any more races until the weight comes off....WHAT?

During that period I lost almost 40 pounds and was very pleased with the results. Now that I have had a good year off from everything I want to get back to a healthy workout schedule and take a few of those pounds back off. I of course will not be sharing my current weight but I do want to share a number I am working to take off..............we are going with 20 pounds.

Each week I plan to bring my blog to what I started it for which was my running and weight loss journey. I will share the journey of reaching this weight loss on training but also throwing in a few fun items. I am a girly girl after all and love all things fashion, makeup, and a good sale!

This picture was taken this week  but my goal is to get back to my running weight and then maintain it. I call it my running weight because it reminds me you must be moving in some way to keep weight off along with a good diet.

Currently today here I am and I am on the "track" to going back to my goal weight below.

This was for the 2012 New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon.

This journey as you will see with my weekly reporting will be a good eating plan along with a great mixture of exercise. My diet will be boring because I find it best for Eddie and I to stick with the basic items like fish, chicken, pork tenderloin, and steak. We will load up on vegetables at dinner with items like sweet potatoes and baked potatoes at lunch.

I am excited to share this with you and get ready to take part in half marathons again! This time I am going out there to enjoy it.

 So starting off today here is the 00 start line and lets watch together as each week I place a weight loss number in its place and work towards my goal! Also my Disney Half Marathon is in November.
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