Mondays Weekly Weigh In Results for Weight Watchers

Eddie and I have made Monday as our weekly weigh in so here are our results. Remember I am not sharing our weight.....I'm not that brave.....but I am sharing our weekly weight loss. So this week:

Eddie loss- 7.3 pounds !!!!

Erica loss- 5.6 pounds !!!!

This week in class we were given several tips on how to cute back and stay within your points.

Tip 1- Always leave something on your plate. It shows you have self control over what you are eating.

Tip 2- Pack your lunch and take to work so you have control over what you eat. Also it cuts your spending which is a win win situation.

Tip 3- Clean out your desk at work and get the junk out. Don't keep the candy where you can so easily grab it.

I am thrilled with this first week. I am also very aware that my weekly loss will not look like this every week. My hope is to loss .5 to 2 pounds a week and I will be happy with that.

Eddie has a certain amount of weight loss that wants to see where he really feel this is working. His weight like any guy can go up and down in a certain range easily so when he losses that target amount he will get excited and know its working. I think he should be there within the next two weeks.

I am very excited with this first week!!!
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