+Glam Grab Jewerly Site- JCrew Pave Link Style Bracelet

I have had my eye on the JCrew Pave Link Bracelet for some time now but just did not want to spend $125.00 on it. Well a huge thank you to Miss Southern Prep for posting this site http://www.glamgrab.com/ and I was able to purchase mine for $42.00. Its their brand but it looks just like the JCrew bracelet.

I can not wait to see how it compares and holds up but for $42.00 instead of $125.00 I will take it!!!

I love the look of the two together. I paired mine with the gold Michael Kors watch. You can dress it up or wear it with jeans! Today I wore it with this outfit and I had so much fun with it. Not sure if I like it more or the fact I only paid $42.00 for it instead of $125.00!!

One other item I like from their site that I am thinking about is this necklace:

 Thank you again Miss Southern Prep for the post on this site. Check it out while they have the items in stock!

Have you ordered anything from @Glam Grab , if so what did you think?

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