Strawberry Banana Slushy

Strawberry Banana Slushy

I love making smoothies because its quick and such an easy way to get protein in my food. I can take them on the go or drink while I am getting ready. Its already challenging enough sometimes to get a workout in and this makes it so much easier!

Here is a new recipe I tried today and it was so yummy. I made one change and added protein powder to mine.

    Step 1: These are the ingredients you will need.
     1 Cup of ice cubes
    1 Cup of chopped Strawberries
    2 Bananas
    1/2 Can of Diet 7-Up or whatever diet white soda you like.
    Step 2: Put everything into the Blender.
    Step 3: Mix it up! Blend it on whatever settings you like until smooth.
    Step 4: Pour into a glass and Serve!
    For extra slushiness- place your yummy concoction in the freezer for about 10 minutes, give it a stir, then serve ‘em a little more frozen- super delicious and guilt free for swimming suit season!
    Bananas, strawberries and sprite or 7up.
This is my favorite protein powder and I highly recommend it!

The end result was very yummy and a different twist on a smoothie. I would highly recommend this sweet healthy treat!

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