Shrimp Festival 5K Race 2012 Alabama

 Today Trey and I ran in the 2012 Shrimp Festival in Orange Beach and I must say this was my favorite 5k course that I have ran in. The shirts shown below were so cute!

We had to wake up at 4:45am because the drive is about an 1 1/2 hours and we needed to be there by 7:00am for packet pick up and warm up run. It actually started off a little chilly.

Of course jackets come off very quickly as the sun comes up and you get moving!

After picking up our goodie bags. Inside bag was the shirt and a hugger.

Eddie and Trey before race.

Best wishes before going to line up.

Then we were ready to line up. This course was on a very narrow trail so they required all walkers to go to the back to help keep the line moving safely. I had Trey pretty close to the start and I tried to line up pretty close also.

Trey is in the blue shirt

I took this holding my phone up to show you how far back the crowd of people went!

Eddie took this as we took off. You can see how narrow the path is.

Even with such narrow path I really never ran into issues or pile ups. I loved it!

The trees all around were amazing. Such a great view.

Trey in blue

That's me giving Eddie  wave as  I passed by. He is so awesome always supporting us at these events!

The views were amazing. One very funny part is when over the loud speaker at the start of the race they announced we would be passing the sewage treatment plant for about 20 seconds so do not think the runner in front of you is being rude. I thought that was so funny and so happy they told us because right at the spot they said you had 20 seconds of WOW! It really was not bad since it only last for 20 seconds but I did get a good giggle like a 5 year old.

Now this is where we ran off the paved section and onto gravel for about 1/2 a mile. It was challenging and I know it slowed me down a bit. You can easily twist your ankle running on rocks and with my half marathon in 3 weeks I didn't want to take any chances.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the two wood bridges we crossed but I loved them!! I found one guy that I stayed right on his heels and paced myself with him. Its always great when you can find that one person you match up with!

Trey went across the finish line first. I was so proud!

Awesome job Trey! 32:10

Then it was my turn..............................................................................

That's me pushing hard to stay under 34:00 minutes. Side note, always double tie your shoes. I don't know how I forgot that but I know I lost several seconds having to pull to the side and tie my shoe during the race! Lesson learned.

A little blurry but HELLO!

A few finish line photos!

My awesome running buddie!!

Police line....shhhh we crossed!!

Very proud runners!

A few after party photos......

They put on an exciting burpie contest and the girl in the photo was a rock star!

The weather was amazing and everyone sat around listening to the band.

The watermelon on ice was so good!

The band did a great job and kept the music going!


Great race, great trail, lots of fun. I would highly recommend it!!

I know everyone has different times but I am so proud of the times listed above! I am also so proud of how far Trey has come and where he is going!!

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