5K Power Run Police and Fire 2012

This is our 2nd year taking part in this run. If you have followed my blog you know anything that supports the police and fire departments gets my support.

Proceeds from the Power Run 5K and Guns and Hoses Fun Run will benefit the YMCA's Strong Kids Campaign. The Strong Kids Campaign is a program that provides membership assistance and program support. The Y's goal is to provide services to all community members, regardless of their ability to pay.

The run gives an award to the fastest police/fireman along with several other division awards. Treys cross country coach won so that was exciting for him to see.

Lets start with the most exciting piece of news! My time.............This is my very best race to date. I kept a 10:45 pace and finished at 33:53!!!!

I am just thrilled with my results and feel so ready for my half marathon in 2 weeks!! I cant wait to get to Savannah and take part in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon.

The morning started of pretty chilly in the mid 40s so we had our layers on. I wanted to arrive early to allow us to park and check in. I knew we would need to walk our layers back to the jeep since it was just the two of us on this run. We had a good hour before the race to get settled.

After signing in and picking up our packets we were ready for our warm up. I cant believe last year I would not warm up and had a mind set of saving every ounce of energy I had. Now I know how important it is to get a good warm up run in before the race. At least this works for me because it makes that first mile feel so much easier once the race starts. One of those things you have to learn when you start running in your late ......well in my age range. :)

We didn't plan it but we ended up being the royal blue team! Number 68 and 69!!

Then it was time to line up for the race and we were off.

By the time the race started we were warmed up good and I have never felt as great as I did in this race. I started my morning with a cup of coffee and then I took a chocolate GU 20 minutes before the race. This was my 3rd 5k run in a row for the past 3 Saturdays.

At the end of the race seeing that clock count down I took off like you would not believe so I could stay in the 33 range. I crossed the finished line and called Eddie before I could even breath. He is always at every race but due to work he could not make this one. I have mentioned before he is my biggest supporter.  He answered and I was telling him, I didddddd ittttt! I cammmmeeee innnnn atttt 33:53.

I am surprised he even understood me! I was so excited! Trey and I went to the after event to eat where they had donuts and pizza.

Great race and one we will continue to run in the future!!!

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