Alabama Campus Tour- Roll Tide Day

As you know we are on our week of college campus tours. Today is the tour of the University of Alabama.

I wanted to be sure to get a "girls" photo so here we are! Its not easy grabbing pics when its just the two of us and the boys are here to help hold camera. The boys stayed home because Trey isnt on Spring Break until next week.

Now to the school, I was so impressed. Its the first school that we toured that's this size. I believe they said Alabama had 30,000 students. It really was like a city of its own. Just amazing and here are a few shots.

I love the rich style of the buildings.

This is the President's house and had such great history that goes along with it. That was one area of the tour I loved was hearing the history that is involved.

The entrance to the football games. Stunning!

This white building survived the war!

The Library. I loved that if they don't have a book you need they will find it and overnight it for you!

 This is where we went back out for dinner and took some fun night photos!

 Football stadium area and entrance.

Our tour guide was great and was from our home town!

After dinner snack!

Dallas in front of stadium.

Their gym was amazing! I was ready for a workout!

The famous Bell Tour!

Dallas at the Bell Tower!

I love this fence and want one at my home!

Over all we were so impressed with the school. I cant even begin to describe everything it has to offer. The question for us, is it the school Dallas is meant to attend. We are having a great time researching everything as you can see!
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