Post Rock n Roll Half Marathon Afternoon

In the future after a half marathon run I know it really is best for me to go back to the hotel or home and ice down but there was no way I was going to miss an afternoon of fun! After the run we walked about 3 miles roundtrip  in New Orleans to the trolley pick up and went to Hard Rock for lunch. Its nice having a trolley running from one point to the other.

A very happy and proud runner!

We made our way to The Hard Rock for lunch. Nothing sounded better than a cheeseburger after a long run!


Yes, I wore my metal all day!!! But so did all the other runners in the restuarant :)

What a support team!

They helped me with such great support!

We then walked down to Cafe Du Monde and had dessert!

We found a Lush store and after hearing so much about their hand made products I had to go in and see what all the talk was about. I didn't purchase anything because nothing stood out to me but everything seemed nice. My lack of making a purchase might have also been because I was soooo tired. That's one way to not spend money!

 Hand made soaps, facial creams, and hair products. Very unique.

After running 13.1 miles, walking around the city for 3.5 miles, and then driving back home for 3 hours its no wonder when we stopped at the State Welcome Center my left leg would not bend so I could get back in the Jeep. My husband had to actually help pick me up and sit me in my seat so we could pull my leg in so back to my first comment................I will head back to the room and ice down from now on!!!!
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