I Am A Runner!!

I am finally at a point where I feel I can say, "I am a Runner." I'm not breaking records but I am a Runner!
I heard the best statement the other day. "Their are people that are competing in marathons and their are people who are completing marathons. The good news is there is enough room for all of us!" I love this because as I continue to try to improve my runs I have seen that my mind set has changed from running a race at a pace that will allow me to just cross the finish line to running at a pace that I will cross at a new and improved time!

Running- is my one of my ways to sanity, of course the first is my faith. Its a great stress reliever and I have great ideas come to me while running.

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I cant run- when I don't have my music. I love my ipod and headphones. I also love having my Nike app. I cant run without it because it gives me my results. I am all about the results. Did I improve, how many calories did I burn? How did I feel? How far did I go?

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On my iPod- Everything. From Classical to Pop. I have found during an official run I need fast and inspiring.

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My Family- I love when my family runs with me or joins me at a race. The after party is always so much fun! My favorite memory was the start of the Rock n Roll Marathon. They walked the side of the street all the way to the start line while he coral lines were moved up. Awesome support team!

The Perfect Run- when you get into the perfect zone! Your body feels light and you feel good.

I wont run in a neighborhood unless I just have to. I am very scared of dogs and after being bitten by a dog last year that was it for me. I do take part in a once a week run that is hosted by a local restaurant and we run in a downtown neighborhood but I carry my stray and I'm pretty stressed and worried.

One of my favorite runs- was the New Orleans Rock N Roll Half Marathon.This is my favorite run to date!
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