Amazon Hiking Wish List with Dallas and Erica

Hello, friends! 

Dallas and I decide to pick out our top four wish list hiking items from Amazon! We can't wait for our next trip to the Smokey Mountains and to have Dallas join us now that she is out of college.  

First, Dallas picked out the Women's Waterproof Jacket in the blue. This is beneficial in so many ways when hiking in the cold or rainy months. 

Secondly,  these tennis shoes are cute yet functional! Perfect for hiking. Adidas Outdoor Women's AX2 Hiking Shoe would make the perfect addition to workout leggings with the third item! Just enough color!

This top is so cute and comfortable looking! Mountains Are Calling Women Relaxed T-Shirt Tee would be perfect as oversized hiking top or even with jeans and some cute flats!

Dallas' last item is this color sling back bag. Women Sling Bags Outdoor Sports Crossbody Bag is a fun way to add color while being able to hold all your items while hiking. 

 I absolutely love Dallas' choices! Now on to my favorites for hiking! 

First, the Hydration Back Pack is a must have for me. It is great having the capacity of 2 liters of water while you are out on the hike. 

Secondly, I like to be safe and prepared when hiking. This hiking knife helps me with both of my objectives. 

My favorite... Luna bars! This bars are delicious and can help you when you're hungry on a hike.

Last, but not least, hiking socks! Hiking Socks are thicker than normal socks. They help prevent blisters, which no one wants a blister after being on their feet for miles on end. 

I hope you all enjoyed learning our Amazon Hiking Wish List! 

Do you have any items on your hiking wish list?

Want to see a little look into our previous trip to The Smokey Mountains....take a look below! 


Lilly Pulitzer Themed Table Setting of the Week

Hello Friends! 

I started a new series on my Youtube channel a few weeks ago with decorating my table and using my pretty things for my everyday life. I have always said that you should not wait for a special occasion to enjoy the pretty things but use them every day! Now I am taking my own advice. 

This has to be one of my favorite table settings with the pops of green and pink. I also love how I used the pineapples as a center pieces with every other plate. My mother made the table runner from fabric I purchased on sale. 

The pineapples are candles that happen to smell amazing but I will not be burning them and only use them as decoration. 

The center small plate is a four piece set from the Lilly Pulitzer collection that I purchased from Target last year. I was so excited to be able to pick up two sets because this was one of the hardest collections to get anything from. I will never forget that day and I actually watched people jump over other people to grab as much as they possibly could. 

You can find the tea pot and creamer from stores like HomeGoods and TJ Maxx. The chargers are always on sale at Hobby Lobby. 

We have had so much rain recently and I think that changed the chemistry of the soil and my hydrangea grows white flowers. That is my favorite flower so I had to use it on my table setting just so I could enjoy it every day. 

This little salt and pepper pineapple set is from Cracker Barrel. They have the cutest items in their little store outside of the restaurant. 

My coffee bar is all set and ready for me to enjoy it during the week. 

Come along now and see the table for yourself! 

See you in the next blog post. Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow my blog so you never miss out. 


Beautiful Indoor Pillows on Etsy

Hello, friends!

 I have a question for you all...Do you love to change out your pillows in your family room with the seasons or holidays? 

I seem to like to stick with my everyday color pallete and change pillows out within the same color scheme. I have my downstairs family room in colors of black, cream, brown, and gold which still gives me alot of flexiablity. As you will see I have found some that will add color but will fit in perfectly. 

Here are some ideas for pillows I have found that would work if you enjoy transitioning your pillows with the seasons or color theme.
How beautiful are these two pillows! The Aloriam Etsy Store is currently taking a summer break, but there is good news! They have a website! Their Etsy store will open again August 3rd. 

This Etsy owner, ClavelFashion, has some gorgeous pillows. She even has a sale section for all my friends who love sales! She has a 5-star rating which is always a sign of a great business on Esty. 

These shades of blush are perfect for the Spring and Summer and then you could change them out for a touch of yellow! 

This collection is from Company Twenty Six and you can find them here.

These pillows from AccentMarks on Etsy have some wonderful indoor pillows that will stand out and be adored by guests. 

If you are looking for new pillow covers to add new life to your family room, go to Etsy and search for "pillow covers." I would recommend finding one that offers a zipper so you can wash and always keep it in the best condition possible.

Which is your favorite pillow? 



Benefits of a Hydration Backpack

Hello, friends! 

Today, I am so excited to discuss my Hydration Pack with you all! I had a lot of questions about this hydration backpack I carried on our recent trip to the mountains. 

First, I love the size of this hydration backpack! As you can see, it is not too overpowering. Water can be very heavy in your backpack but carrying it in the hydration pack can be a huge help. Its lumbar reservoir transfers weight to the waist and lowers your center of gravity which maximizes comfort. 

The pack is also very convenient. You can drink as you go. You don't have to stop, get your bottle out, unscrew it, drink, put the cap back on, and put the bottle away. 

You also run into an issue with bulk when carrying multiple water bottles. 

I absolutely love spending time with my family. They are just incredible. When we get to get away and focus on nature, it is so fun! No cell phones, emails, or deadlines to worry about. Its my time to spend with my family and a long way is one of my favorite adventures. 

We love to go hiking which the water backpack is perfect for a day hike! 

You can find one just like this one here- Waterpack or Waterpack. You could go for something a little different like this one which would allow you to carry snacks. Waterpack

A few important tips to remember to not put flavored water in the bladder of the pack. This just helps to keep the bladder cleaner for longer. 

After each use, you will take the bladder out and let dry completely. Mold can build up if it is not allowed time to air dry. 
When we clean ours we wash it out with hot water and let it hang to air dry. Some people will use hot water with 2 tablespoons of baking soda and wash the inside. 

The good news is you can purchase a replacement bladder which you can find here- Bladder.

You can see my video series of our trip below. I can not wait for our next adventure in the mountains and this hydration will be part of it! 


Cabinet Organization Project From the Dollar Tree and HomeGoods

Hello, friends! 

I am so excited to share this with you all today! As you know, staying organized is very important to me. 

I do not like opening a cabinet where all the pans tumble on top of me. I bet you do not enjoy this either. Here is a simple solution to the problem!

First off, how cute is my new llama bag! Don't you just love it? 

I think I am going to bring it to Atlanta for when we go to the Farmer's Market with Dallas!

Here is the storage cabinet in our living room (right next to the kitchen). This is where we store most of our baking items including muffin tins, cookie sheets, cupcake holders, and all my other fun goodies. 

These baskets are from Home Goods. How great are they for space! They fit perfectly and help all of my cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cake pans.

Here is a closer look inside to see how much they hold.

As you can see, everything is now well organized. We will not have any more pans or cookie sheets just falling out of the cabinet anymore!

You can find baskets like these here- Baskets
and here- Baskets

How do you organize your cookie sheets, cake pans, and all your baking goodies?

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My Favorite Etsy Outdoor Pillows That I Plan To Purchase

Hello Friends!

I am working on my patio makeover because this year one of my goals is to really take the time to sit outside and enjoy the quiet time. I wanted to go ahead now and give my patio a complete makeover which I will be covering with you step by step. I recently hung outdoor drapes and I will have a tutorial for you very soon. 

The next step was to cover the chair cushion in a neutral cover which would allow me to use different pillows as my pop of color. I love how they turned out and that will also be in a future DIY post. Here are some of the ideas I plan to go with.  

For my Fall and Winter look, I plan to start off with a black and white theme with a splash of green. I love how having the black and white in place allows me to use other colors to change out as the season changes. 

I love the idea of using the green palm leaves with the black and white stripe. You can find both of these pillows from Rainydaydivine seller on Etsy. I also really like the idea that her covers have zippers which will allow me to wash them. 

She is one of my favorite sellers that I have found because I love how she groups the pillows together which really helps me with different ideas. I can not wait to get my hands on pillow #7 and pillow # 6. 

Look how great all the black will look and how I can visualize what each piece will look like together. 

Now let's talk about some of my favorite Spring and Summer looks that I can use that will allow me to keep my other black and white items in place. I love how soft the blue is with each of these pillows. I really like the idea of matching pillow #11 and pillow #6 together on the different chairs along with pillow #3. 

Look how great these would work for October and November with both Halloween and Thanksgiving. 

These are great for a bright splash of color in the summer. I could see so a fun cookout and use #1 and #4 but then go into December with Christmas. How cute is #7 and #2 paired together! 

After seeing this post I am sure you can see why I am so excited to have a neutral setting so I can decorate with so many different pillow options. Again you can find a link to this seller here. This is not a sponsored post but just someone I found on my own and loved the look of her products! 

Keep an eye out and I will have a post on my new patio! 

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