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Hello friends and welcome to the blog! 
I love sharing my favorite items from the previous month and its that time! First, you should see the video I put together and from there you can find all of the links to make it easy! 

You can find all of the items I mentioned in the video below. 

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A Fun Night At Mardi Gras

Welcome Friends! 

I am excited to bring a fun Mardi Gras post and video to you and share the fun we had for this year's event. This is a parade we go to each year and I have shared for the last three years. I know many of you will remember this if you have followed me for sometime. 

The one reason I enjoy this parade is because my mom and dad get a hotel which you can see above and we have the chance to stand on the 2nd floor balcony and watch as everyone loads up on the float and as they start. We end up catching a lot of goodies! 

Above is a Tiffany theme float which was one of my favorites. I know we all love that pretty blue box!

Roll Tide vs War Eagle themed float. 

One of my favorites was also my mom's ship which a cruise ship and fits us perfectly! 

As you go down you can see a look at several other floats which were just as fun. 

Come along here for the fun as I bring you along on the balcony with us. You will feel like you are catching items right along with us. 

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Clean With Me and Organizing The Coffee Cabinet

Hello Friends! Welcome to my blog!

This year as I laid out my plans for my blog and Youtube channel I knew that I wanted to share my cleaning and organization ideas with you. We are going to start with the first one today and its my coffee station.  

You might have a separate coffee station like what I have above or an area set up in your kitchen but today is the day for us to give everything a good wipe down go through what we have. The idea is to have the area set up in a way that you can easy access what you need and enjoy using the area. 

We should not have cups stacked on top of each other to a point that you are worried things might fall out of the cabinet when you open it. 

Making that morning cup of coffee should be an experience that you enjoy. Just like walking into your local coffee shop and enjoying the entire experience. You can easily do this just by taking a few minutes to set up the area and keep it organized. 

I try to only keep the items we use everyday on the top of my station. This makes it fast and easy to get what we need when we need it. 

As you can see above I have everything neatly set up in one of the three drawers. Everything as a place and I don't let my drawers turn into a catch all. I know when my supplies are running low and I can be sure to keep the items I need on hand. 

As you can see above I made myself a great cup of coffee before working on my upcoming blog post and Youtube videos. I really do enjoy the entire process of making a cup of hot tea or coffee because my area is organized and neat. 

Be sure to join me in the video above to see each step I take to accomplish this set up. You will also want to subscribe so you never miss out on any upcoming videos!

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What's In My Work Bag - Target Hearth & Hand Items

Hello Friends! 

This is a blog post and video I have been very excited to share with you. I had in the back of my mind that I needed to switch to a smaller work bag because I found that I would fill my larger work bag with as much as it would hold just because it could. Many times my back would be killing me because I was carrying around half my office in my work bag. 

I just happened to walk into Target one morning because I was curious about the Hearth and Hand Collection that everyone was talking about. I really had no plans to purchase anything and then I saw this amazing tote and I know it would be perfect. They were going fast and I was really happy to purchase one before they were gone. It was one of those moments you could feel people watching you to see if you were going to put it back on the shelf. 

I was excited to find several of the accessories that matched the tote and that were part of the collection. You can see in my video below how I am using each piece. I am sharing a few pictures but the better details are in the video at the end of this post. 

The case above made a great new Ipad case along with my bullet journal template plates. Everything tucks away neatly. It also holds business cards and I have cards for both my professional day job and my Blog/Youtube Channel. This makes me great to use for work and for travel when I attend blog conferences. 

I picked the case up above from Amazon and you can find it here- CASE. This is perfect for carrying items that you don't want to wrinkle in your bag, 

I always keep my bullet journal and idea notebook on me. These are two items I use every single day. The notebook with the zipper holds my bullet journal. I keep one for my daily task and one for my Youtube/Blog. I am looking for a brown leather case so it matches the other brown leather items I have put in place with this tote. 

The inspiration notebook holds lots of ideas that hit me at random times of the day. I am always thinking of new ideas for my blog and channel and I put them in my notebook so I can go back and work on them later. 

I recently purchased this pencil case from a boutique shop and love that on the inside there is a black and white striped pattern that pairs perfectly with the floral. 

This is my carry-all case that has everything from lipstick, tissue, and Advil. I am actually surprised by how much it can hold which is perfect because I like everything together in one place. 

This was a piece from the collection that I didn't think I needed at first because then I thought about a great way I could use it and its perfect. I use this for my overflow of store cards and credit cards that I don't use on regular bases. I also cute index size cards to fit on the left and placed a pen in the holder. This is perfect for those last minute grocery list that I made on the go. 

I would also work great as a wallet but I love how I have it set up. 

I always have a pair of glasses on me and The Loft has my favorite style. Watch for them to go on clearance because you can pick them up for amazing prices. I keep a pair in so many different places. 

This is the cutest little coin pouch that was part of the collection. They were very smart when they designed this because inside of the zipper pouch is a smaller pouch so your chain doesn't fall out. So Smart! 

Now its time to sit back and enjoy the video that walks through each piece and I share more details on how I put everything together. It is working out perfectly for me and I am so happy with the end result. I know this bag is very hard to find right now so I wanted to find a few options for you that are like it. You can find them here- TOTE  or   TOTE.

Enjoy the video! 

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