Day One on Royal Caribbean Empress of the Seas

Hello Friends!

It's time to go on another cruise. I shared in my videos that we would not normally go on back to back vacations like this but this cruise had been planned for some time and was for Trey's Spring Break. The previous cruise before this was a work convention. 

Yes, it would be fun to take a cruise several times a year and maybe one day right! 

We traveled 8 hours on our first day to Orlando so I could visit the Tory Burch Outlet. I was so excited that I could barely stand waiting in that long car ride.  You will see in the video at the bottom of this post how close we came to not making it! You can also see what I purchased during my visit. 

Then it was time to board the ship and the view was just amazing! Downtown Miami was wonderful and everything I imagined with yachts everywhere. You didn't realize how large they were until you would see one pulling a boat and the boat looked like a raft behind it. 

One of my favorite parts of the ship where these window coves on each floor. Would you look at the amazing downtown view we could see before leaving the port. I of course had to have a picture taken here to remember that view. 

Here is a look at our balcony with the lounge chairs and table. I was very excited about spending several afternoons here enjoying the view. One of my favorite things to do is bring my lunch back to the balcony and sit and enjoy it. 

They did an amazing job with the gym because every machine was looking out the window and offered a great view. It actually inspired you to want to workout while on vacation. 

Can you imagine riding your bike, listening to great music on your iPod and taking in the view! Now that is my kind of workout! 

If you get a chance you have to try this drink called, "A Kiss On The Lips." It is so fruity and yummy.  Its the perfect vacation drink to have while on a cruise. 

This is the first time we did this but I schedule Trey an appointment in the spa on our first day for a haircut. It was fun to have them sneak in a snap a picture for me! 

It was time to get ready and leave the Port of Miami and start our vacation so we rushed back to the room and took everything in as the ship left. 

Vacation time!

I could not believe how busy Miami Beach was but of course it was Spring Break so I should not have been surprised. There are just so many people and I was very thankful to not be in that crowd! 

We made sure we took time to watch the sun go down before dinner. It was beautiful and sitting on the balcony is one of my favorite places and really means my vacation has started. 

I also scheduled Eddie for the spa and he had a massage so while he was there Trey and I went to see the show for the night. We had a great time. The took time to give a rundown of the schedule for the week and then we had the comedian come on stage. 

For dinner, we had crab cakes as you can see below. This was a picture of Trey's because I ate mine before I remembered to take the picture. Mine had a great sauce over it but Trey likes his plain. 

I had the Beef Ribs that were very tender and I really enjoyed them. There was not one night that I did not like the food. Very happy with every dish. 

Best way to end the night is with a piece of Key Lime Pie and this did not let me down. It had the perfect amount Key Lime tart taste that we like. 

Dont forget that if you ever find that you dont like something you can ask for something else. At the end of the day they want you happy and they are more than happy to bring you something different. This is the perfect time to try new things and see if there is somthing new you might like. 

Now for the fun, take a look at the video below and you will feel like you are on the cruise right there with us! I love caputuring and sharing moments from our vacations. Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on all the other days! 

See you at the next post friends! 


Day Seven On Our Carnival Dream Cruise

I can not believe we are on Day Seven of our adventure but I have had a lot of fun sharing a look at each day with you! On this final day, we really took it easy and slept in. We were out late the night before watching the different shows and taking in every last minute of the cruise. Then we went downstairs and had lunch at Guy's BBQ. He has the wonderful burger station but don't forget about his BBQ station. 

The only negative I had about our room location is that it was right over the BBQ restaurant so on the 3 days out of 7 that it was open you were a little overtaken by the smell of grill smoke. I would make sure you didn't book right above it. Now understand this was only if you were sitting on the balcony. I never smelt it in the room but we love sitting on our balcony as often as possible so sometimes this was an issue. It could also get a little loud when people were sitting at the tables eating lunch. 

When it came time for dinner I wore the new black cold shoulder top that I picked up at Stein Mart. This top is very comfortable and its a new and different style for me. I think its fun and perfect for a cruise. I picked this up just before we left so you might be able to pick it up. 

It's a piece I am really happy to have in my collection and can not wait to wear it again on future cruises. 

Today was St. Patty's Day so everything was themed around it including the butter on the table. How cute is that! I love how the cruise ships go all out any time there is a holiday and it's occurring while you are on the ship. 

For dinner, I started with the chicken flatbread pizza. I could have just made this my main entree because by day seven you are so full and not to mention it was very good! 

Eddie had a Shrimp Etoufee that was very good and I wished I would have also ordered it. The seasoning was perfect and not too spicy. 

I had the prime rib and the two funny circles on it were the onion slices that I removed. It was good and it is the perfect standby when you are not sure what to order. You can never go wrong with the prime rib. 

Then it was time for our wonderful wait staff to sing their farewell song and send us on our way. It was really fun that they came out with Baked Alaskians on fire. I can remember making one of these as a teenager at a friends home and I still have the burn to prove it! 

So of course for dessert, we had the Baked Alaska cake which was wonderful! It had chocolate ice cream on one side and vanilla on the other. 

On the final night, they always leave you with a heart to let you know how much they enjoyed having you. Its the perfect way to end the week of fun animals! 

Around 11:00 pm Eddie and I stepped out and took a look outside of our balcony and would you look at how foggy it was. The fog was so thick it was almost scary and I had to go back into the room. I know it's because I watch too many episodes of 48 Hours! 

This is a look at my breakfast the next morning before we left the ship. I recommend having your final breakfast in the main dining room. It's wonderful and the best way to end your final few hours on the ship. 

Now its time for more fun! Come along and watch the video below to see more of the fun we had while on the cruise! You will want to be sure to Subscribe because I also have fun videos that come your way. 

So happy you stopped by to visit! I can't wait to see you in the next post!


Day Six Sea Day On Our Carnival Dream Cruise

Welcome to Day Six of our cruise on the Carnival Dream. This is an At Sea Day and I think it ended up being on of my most favorite days! Would you look at my person vacation space that I spent four hours in doing everything from watching movies to laying in the sun. Oh how I want one of these at home but the view is also what made it so special.

As you can see I was one happy girl! I laid so I was out of the sun for most of the day so I would not be sunburned. It was so comfortable and I would recommend that you claim your spot early in the morning and just enjoy it all day. This was one time that I felt like I could escape the world and enjoyed every minute of it. 

Eddie found me around lunch time and saved my chair so I could run and grab pizza and a drink. When I returned I sat right back in my spot and went back to watching my movie. These will also turn so if the sun comes down to hard you can turn away from the sun or you could turn it for more direct sunlight. It would fit to very comfortably or there is more space for one. 

For dinner I wore my new top and pants that I picked up from Stein Mart the previous week. It was such a comfortable outfit. I like how you can wear it in a casual way but I can also wear this to work on days that are a little more relaxed. 

Pop a statement necklace on and you can easily dress it up for dinner. This was a piece I found at Ann Taylor a few years ago. They always have the best accessories that work for any type of event. 

We decided to skip dinner in the main dinning room and we enjoy sushi in their speciality restaurant. We always enjoy eating at this location and the food is wonderful. 

We always share the boat and change out a few items which they allow you to do. This comes with a soup to start with and then we get items like the California roll because we don't eat raw sushi. The entire platter is wonderful and I look forward to having it each time. 

It was a lot of fun to meet members of the show for that night. How crazy is his hand puppet! A little scary but a lot of fun! 

The show was the America Rocks and it was a lot of fun. They really do a great job getting the crowd energized. 

Once we were back in our room I found our adorable elephant waiting on us. I love the towel animals they make each night. Its always so much fun going back to the room and seeing what is waiting for you. 

Want to really have fun? Its time to take a look at the video below and join us on the cruise! Be sure to subscribe so you never miss out!

See you in the next post friends! 

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