What's In My Work Bag - Target Hearth & Hand Items

Hello Friends! 
This is a blog post and video I have been very excited to share with you. I had in the back of my mind that I needed to switch to a smaller work bag because I found that I would fill my larger work bag with as much as it would hold just because it could. Many times my back would be killing me because I was carrying around half my office in my work bag. 

I just happened to walk into Target one morning because I was curious about the Hearth and Hand Collection that everyone was talking about. I really had no plans to purchase anything and then I saw this amazing tote and I know it would be perfect. They were going fast and I was really happy to purchase one before they were gone. It was one of those moments you could feel people watching you to see if you were going to put it back on the shelf. 

I was excited to find several of the accessories that matched the tote and that were part of the collection. You can see in my video below how I am using each piece. I am sharing a few pictures but the better details are in the video at the end of this post. 

The case above made a great new Ipad case along with my bullet journal template plates. Everything tucks away neatly. It also holds business cards and I have cards for both my professional day job and my Blog/Youtube Channel. This makes me great to use for work and for travel when I attend blog conferences. 

I picked the case up above from Amazon and you can find it here- CASE. This is perfect for carrying items that you don't want to wrinkle in your bag, 

I always keep my bullet journal and idea notebook on me. These are two items I use every single day. The notebook with the zipper holds my bullet journal. I keep one for my daily task and one for my Youtube/Blog. I am looking for a brown leather case so it matches the other brown leather items I have put in place with this tote. 

The inspiration notebook holds lots of ideas that hit me at random times of the day. I am always thinking of new ideas for my blog and channel and I put them in my notebook so I can go back and work on them later. 

I recently purchased this pencil case from a boutique shop and love that on the inside there is a black and white striped pattern that pairs perfectly with the floral. 

This is my carry-all case that has everything from lipstick, tissue, and Advil. I am actually surprised by how much it can hold which is perfect because I like everything together in one place. 

This was a piece from the collection that I didn't think I needed at first because then I thought about a great way I could use it and its perfect. I use this for my overflow of store cards and credit cards that I don't use on regular bases. I also cute index size cards to fit on the left and placed a pen in the holder. This is perfect for those last minute grocery list that I made on the go. 

I would also work great as a wallet but I love how I have it set up. 

I always have a pair of glasses on me and The Loft has my favorite style. Watch for them to go on clearance because you can pick them up for amazing prices. I keep a pair in so many different places. 

This is the cutest little coin pouch that was part of the collection. They were very smart when they designed this because inside of the zipper pouch is a smaller pouch so your chain doesn't fall out. So Smart! 

Now its time to sit back and enjoy the video that walks through each piece and I share more details on how I put everything together. It is working out perfectly for me and I am so happy with the end result. I know this bag is very hard to find right now so I wanted to find a few options for you that are like it. You can find them here- TOTE  or   TOTE.

Enjoy the video! 

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Monthly Favorites With All Things I Am Loving

Hello Friends! 

I am so excited to add this new series to my monthly video collection because I love to share things I enjoy so you can enjoy! I have shared a link to each product to help you have easy access. 

I am so excited to share that The Personal Planner is hosting a Giveaway of a planner of your choice! All you need to do is like their Facebook Page or Instagram and leave a comment on my page of one of your favorite new items that you are enjoying in 2018!

Here are the links you will need:
Personal Planner Facebook
Personal Planner Instagram

Good Luck Friends! 

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Happy New Year Friends!

Happy New Year and can you believe its 2018!!!!

I had so much fun putting together a fun New Year's party for Eddie, Trey, and I with just using some simple items. 

I love celebrating at home with yummy treats and in my comfy pajamas. Im not one to go out and party late. I am lucky to stay up for the clock to strike midnight! 

Here is a look at the items I put out for us to enjoy. You will have to check out the video link below that I shared on my Youtube channel where I made a cake I have wanted to make for years. Know I am not an artist and this was just for fun but it sure was yummy! 

Party City had some of the cutest decorations and I love these little hats I picked up and used as decor. Best of all they do not have the date on them so I am sure you will see them on my table again next year! 

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Thanksgiving Travels to Atlanta for a Holiday Weekend

Hello friends and welcome to my blog! 
I wanted to share a couple of pictures from our recent trip to Atlanta to visit our daughter. This was our first time to spend Thanksgiving in Atlanta. We had dinner at the Livingston which was a nice treat. 

I love the picture above of Eddie and Dallas that I snapped as they were enjoying time on the bench while waiting for our car to be brought around after dinner. The weather was perfect and the temperature was in the high 60's. 

The only problem was Trey had to stay back at the apartment because he came down with a terrible cold. We made sure we brought him something special back to enjoy in bed. 

Above is a picture of myself and Eddie just as we were about to go inside for dinner. This was my first time this year I have had the chance to wear tights and boots! It was finally cold enough to wear them. 

The dessert station was very pretty and I had to take a picture to share with you. I love how they had it all set up in the corner with the beautiful chandelier. It was like liquid gold dripping from the ceiling. 

We also celebrated Eddie's birthday on this trip. Dallas came up with a great idea to wrap all of his gifts and then had me wrap all of those in this very large box. It was fun to watch him unwrap everything which you can see below in the video I put together and shared on my Youtube channel. 

The next day Dallas and I attended a class on how to make candles at CandleFish. It was a lot of fun and something great to do as a girls day out! You could also get several of your friends together and make an event out of it. 

Here we are after we put our aprons on and were getting ready to take out seats. Dallas had the opportunity to take this class for two other events so it was great to have her be able to give me helpful tips along the way. She loves this type of activity and she is great at it. 

Here we are in the candle library with over 100 scent combinations. Each scent has a primary family and then you mix the primary with other scents. Very educational and full of great information. 

As you can see below we were well on our way to creating our candles. 

We had such a great time picking out the different scents that we liked. I love the idea that none of their items have names and they only go by numbers. This allows your brain to focus on the details of the scent and not what you think you might not like because of the name.

I love that so many people ask if we are sisters! I will absolutely take that as a compliment. 

It was great to have Dallas drive us around in her new car. I was so excited to see it for the first time on this visit. She did a great job picking it out and comparing it to other models to make sure it was a great value. 

Come along for the fun in this great video I put together of our candle making adventure. Also be sure to subscribe because there is so much more to come. Vlogmas is well underway I know you will love it!

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