I Love the Pieces from the OpalHouse Collection At Target

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 I recently purchased pieces from the Target OpalHouse Collection and I must share that I love this collection. I recently set my dining room table for a dinner party I hosted and the dishes were a hit. I actually mixed two different sets and the colors paired together beautifully. 

I am going to list the items that are available here to make it easy for you to find. If the item is not listed it might not be available at this point. These pieces seem to go fast and I am sure you can see why. 

I have really enjoyed using this collection this Spring and I am very excited to continue using it this Summer. We have so many fun Summer events coming up and these will be perfect. I will be sure to share the post on those events so you don't miss out! 

Here is a fun tip for you. When serving something as simple as water add a ribbon around the bottle for that special touch. This is a water bottle from the Target Dollar section and I added a simple ribbon around it. This is such an easy and inexpensive way to add that touch of pretty to your table. 

I also wanted to be able to use the pizza board as decor and made it part of the table centerpiece. It's a great way to use the items you have even though it's not for its intended purpose. I find when you do this its better than keeping items in storage and I love seeing pieces from my collections. 

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Final Evening on the Empress of the Seas

So here we are on Day Five of our cruise which is the final day! We have really enjoyed the cruise and meeting so many new friends! Royal Caribean summed it up perfectly when they said they are the smallest ship but have the biggest heart because you can clearly see that! 

On the final night after the performance, they brought at several of the crew members from different departments and gave us the opportunity to cheer for them. It was so much fun to watch the crowd go crazy for the different people and the amazing job they did it. 

For dinner,  I wanted something different and new so I order the onion tart which was very different from what I normally order. It was actually very good. Again it pays off to be adventures and try new appetizers. 

The apple pie was so warm and right out of the oven with the cool vanilla ice cream. Oh I love a good apple pie! 

I also had the lobster bisque soup which was good. A little shy on the lobster pieces but still good. 

As our farewell entree, an I had the prime rib and lobster which was amazing! They saw me struggling with my lobster to get it out of the shell and they took it right from me and fixed it perfectly so I could eat it. I am telling you they were just amazing. 

We did not order these but our head waitress said we had to try them. They were very good! It was a pastry stuffed with ice cream. 

Each night someone in the dining room had a birthday right around us so we decided to have our own birthday celebration! 

We had such a great time meeting our new friends! This was our first time sharing a table with a group and it was wonderful to visit each night. 

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Day Five on Empress of the Seas Cruise At Chops Grill

Welcome to Day Five of our cruise on the Empress of the Seas. I am splitting this post into two sections. For lunch, we made a reservation to Chops Grill. This was our first time to have Chops offered at lunch and we wanted to take advantage of it so we could still have dinner in the main dining room with our great new friends that we shared a table with. 

All three of us had the filet and I had them add the mushroom gravy sauce on the side as you can see. I just love everything mushroom lately and their mushroom gravy sauce is wonderful. 

Their sides are served family style which means everyone has the chance to share them. I love that idea and it lets you have a little taste of everything. 

We finished dinner with a slice of Key Lime pie of course! It was very good but I have to stay I am still the champion when it comes to making Key Lime Pie. Just had to say it! 

The restaurant was not busy during our visit when made it nice to be able to sit back and take our time to enjoy. 

Trey had the Shrimp Cocktail as his appetizer. You will find this is offered in the main dining room but these are very different. They are much larger and the presentation is very nice. Some people have asked me why would you pay for dining when everything else is already included in our package. There is just something next level with the additional dining packages that are very nice. You don't have to do it but it's nice to try at least once. 

Of course, I had the mushroom soup and this soup is without a doubt my most favorite soup ever! Many of you have emailed me the recipe and it is on my Summer must make list! If you like mushrooms then you have to try this amazing soup. 

Eddie always gets the wedge salad and I am amazed at how its always so pretty! 

We had a nice view of the water and a nice quiet dining room to enjoy lunch! 

Now its time for you to come along for the fun in my YouTube video I put together below. Watch and feel like you are right there with us on this fun day! I tried to include tips along the way that will help you on your next cruise or if you cruise the Empress of the Seas. Be sure to subscribe to my channel so you never miss out on the fun! 

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Day Four On Empress of the Seas In Costa Maya

Welcome to Day Four of our cruise and let's go see Costa Maya! Our day started out like all the other amazing days with the view of the sun coming up. If you ever wonder if you should spend the extra for a balcony cabin the answer is Yes, Yes, and Yes again! 

The view pulling into Costa Maya was just amazing with the clear blue water and rows of palm trees. It really did say everything vacation! 

Here we are getting off the ship. We decided to get off a few hours after everyone else since we did not have an excursion planned which allowed us to get some great pictures. 

As I was getting ready for this day I could hear this amazing music being played down on the pier. It was nice being greeted by him as we came off the ship. 

Hello Costco Maya! This was the first time for all three of us to visit this stop. We are actually going back again in April 2019 and next time we plan to take part in an excursion to see more. 

The weather was amazing and not one picture was edited to make it bright and bluer. The area really was this green and beautiful! 

I really can not wait to see more of this amazing stop next time we visit. If you dont have an excursion it is still well worth getting off the ship and getting some great photos. 

Later that evening I sat out on our balcony and watched the sun go down. I found that each night it was more beautiful than the next. I think that's because I knew we were one step closer to going home and I wanted it to last forever. 

Here is a look at what I wore to dinner on this night. I love mixing a fun dress with a blue jean jacket from The Loft. It really gives it a completely different look. 

This was the head member of our nightly wait staff and she was so much fun! 

For dinner, I had a Mushroom Puff which was actually very good. Remember that this is the time you should try things that you would normally not order. If you don't like it they will just take it away and bring you something else so be adventures! 

The Prime Rib with Mushroom Gravy sauce was great and very tender. 

For dessert, delicious we both had the Cherry Jubilees which was the best I have ever had. In the past, if I ordered this it always seemed to have a strong bitter aftertaste but this was very smdelicious. The vanilla ice cream melted right over it and was the perfect touch. 

Tonight we had a sweet bear waiting on us in our room. I love the animals they make each night! 

Ok, now its time for you to come along and join in on the fun. Take a look at my YouTube video below so you can feel like you are right there with us on this amazing journey. Be sure to Subscribe so you never miss out on any of our fun adventures. 

I hope you enjoyed our day in Costa Maya but please take a miute and share with me what you love from any of your visits. I want to be prepared for our next cruise and take part in an excursion here. I cant wait to read your feedback! 

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